Indie Band Breaks Down Spotify, Amazon Earnings

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Indie Band Breaks Down Spotify, Amazon Earnings

Indie band Uniform Motion gave readers of their blog some pretty interesting insight as to what kind of money they’re actually making on services like Spotify. The answer is: Not that much. In a conclusion on the site, the band said “In most cases, it’s actually more economically viable not to sell the music at all.”

The band’s album has to be heard in its entirety about a hundred times on Spotify before the band makes about €3 Euros (roughly $4.2 USD). But if you only listen to a song once, the band sees about €.003. The numbers are (a little) better for the service Deezer.

The band says they get a 70/30 percent split from iTunes purchases, which means they take home €6.28 from an album that costs €8.91 in the iTunes store, which also applies to the Amazon store. But they also go on to say that it’s €35 yearly to keep an album on Spotify, Amazon and iTunes.

You can check out the band’s full breakdown here.