Kate Bush Announces Tenth Full-Length Album

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After six years of inactivity, British art-pop singer Kate Bush returned this May with Director’s Cut, an album consisting of radically reworked songs from her earlier albums The Sensual World (1989) and The Red Shoes (1993).

Due to the sparse output of Bush’s recent career, most expected the record to be all the world heard from her for another five years, but she defied expectations, announcing shortly after the release of Director’s Cut that she would put out yet another album this year.

Now further details have been announced: The album is titled 50 Words for Snow and is due out Nov. 21. Unlike Director’s Cut, which consisted of new renditions of old songs, 50 Words of Snow will feature all-new material, Bush’s first such album since 2005’s Aerial.

What’s more, she has stated the album will only include seven tracks, yet the total run time is 65 minutes. This means lengthy compositions of epic proportions are in store, with the shortest of the recently announced tracks clocking in at just under seven minutes.

Track listing for 50 Words for Snow:
1. Snowflake
2. Lake Tahoe
3. Misty
4. Wild Man
5. Snowed in at Wheeler Street
6. 50 Words for Snow
7. Among Angels

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