Lionsgate Picks Up Two Films From TIFF

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Lionsgate Picks Up Two Films From TIFF

Lionsgate just scored rights to two films that were showcased at the Toronto International Film Festival. The two films could not be more different than each other—one is a star-studded ensemble comedy, and the other is a small-scale horror film with potential to become a sleeper hit.

Friends With Kids, the comedy, stars Jon Hamm, Adam Scott, Kristin Wiig, Megan Fox and Maya Rudolph. It will center around thirty-something-year-old best friends as they see how their friends are affected by having children. After seeing the toll it takes on their friends’ lives, they decide to conceive and then date other people.

The comedy will be directed by Jennifer Westfeldt, Hamm’s partner. It will be her directorial debut. She also wrote and will produce it alongside Hamm.

You’re Next is a horror film directed by Adam Wingard and stars a handful of up-and-comers. The film will see the victims at a vacation home for a family reunion, but instead of being killed one by one, the group fights back.

No release dates have been announced for the films.