Lost Hitchcock Film The White Shadow to Screen in LA

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Lost Hitchcock Film <i>The White Shadow</i> to Screen in LA

A 1923 film that featured work by a then 24-year-old Alfred Hitchcock is set to premiere tonight in Los Angeles at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Samuel Goldwyn Theater. This will be the first time the film has screened in over 80 years. The White Shadow was thought to be lost until the first three reels were discovered in early August in a New Zealand shed belonging to former cinema projectionist and avid collector Jack Murtagh.

A young Hitchcock wrote the scripts, designed the sets and edited the footage of the film, which has been described as an atmospheric melodrama about two polar opposite twin sisters, one angelic and the other wild and rebellious. Peter Jackson, after building strong ties with New Zealand after filming his Lord of the Rings trilogy on the islands, had his studio repair the new print before creating a new one.