M83 Seeks Touring Band Member Via YouTube

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M83 Seeks Touring Band Member Via YouTube

It was reported recently that Anthony Gonzalez, leader and sole constant member of M83, is hitting the Internet streets in hopes of democratically selecting a touring member for the group’s upcoming year-long world tour.

On Tuesday, an announcement was posted to M83’s website requesting an auxiliary musician for the band’s world tour, which kicks off in October in Mexico. In order to qualify, you’ll have to meet Gonzalez and company’s rather high expectations. The potential candidate has to be proficient at not one instrument, but three: keyboards, guitar and bass. To boot, they must have a good voice and know how to use music software program Ableton. This tall order of criteria should narrow the competition down.

But if you’ve got the goods, the audition process is fairly simple: All applicants need to do is post a video to YouTube of themselves playing that demonstrates their chops and submit it along with the application on the website. If touring across the world with a popular indie-electronica band sounds like a good way to spend a year, see if you have what it takes before it’s too late.