Paradise Lost to Get Film Adaptation

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John Milton’s 17th-century epic poem, Paradise Lost, is getting a film adaptation. The story of the anti-hero Satan and his war of rebellion against God will star Bradley Cooper as Satan, Benjamin Walker as archangel Michael and Djimon Hounsou as the seraph Abdiel. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Casey Affleck is also in negotiations to play the angel Gabriel.

The action film will be directed by Alex Proyas, famous for directing fast-paced thrillers like I, Robot and Knowing. Although this is the first film adaptation of the epic poem, the book and film adaptation The Golden Compass were heavily influenced by the story.

Paradise Lost is set to begin shooting early next year with a proposed release date in 2013. We can already foresee the big budget, 3D/CGI angelic battles, but here’s to hoping they manage to keep some of the intellectual and thematic elements of the classic poem intact.

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