Pearl Jam Debuts New Song on Fallon, Gives It Away for Free

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Pearl Jam Debuts New Song on <i>Fallon</i>, Gives It Away for Free

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of their debut album Ten, grunge icons Pearl Jam have recently exhibited quite the generous streak.

First was the announcement of Pearl Jam Twenty, an upcoming film about the band directed by Cameron Crowe. Then there was the beyond-epic show at Alpine Valley in East Troy, Wis., over Labor Day weekend, which featured not only guest appearances from Josh Homme, Julian Casablancas and members of Mudhoney but also a full four songs during the encore with Chris Cornell, which was effectively a brief Temple of the Dog reunion.

But PJ20 mania isn’t over yet: Last night Pearl Jam appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and busted out a brand new track, “Olé,” a concise, barn-burning rocker with a couple of unorthodox breakdowns. The song is stylistically nothing new for the Pearl Jam camp, but it packs a punch and crackles with energy.

In a bizarre twist, Jimmy Fallon performed a song during the same episode he wrote about the BP oil spill, “Balls in Your Mouth,” ostensibly playing an acoustic guitar unaccompanied. Suddenly, he was joined by Eddie Vedder, as well as every member of The Roots, who closed out the song on an exuberant note.

Oh, and Pearl Jam has also posted “Olé” as a free download on the PJ20 site.

Watch both Pearl Jam’s and Fallon’s performances below:

Pearl Jam — “Olé” (courtesy of Consequence of Sound)

Jimmy Fallon  & guests — “Balls in Your Mouth” (courtesy of