Pearl Jam Halfway Done with New Album

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Pearl Jam Halfway Done with New Album

Amidst all the excitement over the Cameron Crowe-directed documentary and 20th anniversary of their debut album Ten, Pearl Jam is still hard at work on new material.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Jeff Ament said that the band is “at least at the halfway point” on their new album. The new record will be the group’s second on their own Monkeywrench Records and their second in returning to work with Brendan O’Brien as producer.

In speaking of the new record, Ament commented that “The first handful of songs we had are a great, great start. It’s been really important for us that in the middle of all this, we got together and recorded a bunch of songs. It sort of gave us a breath to go, ‘Okay, we can go back and get ready for the show and book and movie and all that stuff.’”

The band hopes to wrap up the record early next year. This will be Pearl Jam’s 10th studio album and the follow up to their well-received 2009 record, Backspacer.