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Baltimore’s noise-pop quartet Ponytail has officially announced they are disbanding after more than a year of uncertain speculation, as guitarist Dustin Wong had previously stated their show at Baltimore’s Whartscape Festival last summer would be their last.

Often compared to contemporaries Deerhoof, Ponytail produced a vibrant, constantly morphing style of music that defied easy classification. They made a name for themselves by releasing three critically acclaimed studio LPs—their most recent album, Do Whatever You Want All the Time, was released this past April—and touring the country with experimental bands like Hella, Battles and Don Caballero.

An official Ponytail statement made by the band’s manager Sir James Winnie of We Are Free Management, was issued Tuesday and reads as follows:

Before disbanding, Ponytail released a new, water-themed music video for “Easy Peasy,” a single from Do Whatever You Want All the Time, as a parting gift of sorts. The mp3 of the track is available for download at Stereogum. Stream the video below:

Ponytail – “Easy Peasy” from stereogum on Vimeo.

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