Roman Polanski to Receive Award in Zurich

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Roman Polanski to Receive Award in Zurich

Two years after his arrest in Switzerland, Roman Polanski is set to return to Zurich to receive a lifetime achievement award that was supposed to be presented to him at the 2009 Zurich Film Festival. The award was unable to be presented to him due to his arrest related to his 1978 charge for having unlawful sex with a minor in the U.S.

Polanski was arrested by Swiss authorities at the request of American officials, where he is still considered a fugitive. He was held in a Zurich prison for over half a year until he was released when his extradition was denied.

The directors of the Zurich Film Festival released a statement praising the director, “We are especially proud to welcome Roman Polanski this year to receive his award. We have always been tremendous admirers of his work, and we are delighted that we will soon be able to express this to him in person.”

Polanski will be presented with the award on Sept. 27.