The Eleventh Commandment to Become TV Series

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The Eleventh Commandment, the best-selling book series by Jeffery Archer, is getting its very own television adaptation. Fortunately, it’s getting the treatment by one of the most successful sci-fi/action producers in the industry: Gale Anne Hurd. Her portfolio includes work on projects like The Terminator and The Walking Dead, so hopefully her involvement ensures that The Eleventh Commandment gets a TV show it deserves.

The 1998 political thriller centers around CIA assassin Connor Fitzgerald, expert killer only days away from retirement. But after CIA chief Helen Dexter decides to order the assassination of political figures who oppose the US on her own and then bury her tracks, Fitzgerald must survive a scandal even more dangerous than the missions he is used to. According to the producer herself, “Jeffery Archer’s storytelling is compelling, character driven, and perfect for television—full of fast-paced, high stakes danger.”

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