Title Plus More Details of Upcoming Bond Movie Revealed

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A Blic Online article from Monday, which interviewed a cellist involved with the newest James Bond movie, alluded to the title and basis for the upcoming film, which has since spread like wildfire across the Internet.

In the article, which mainly focused on young Serbian cellist Jelena Mihailovic getting hired to produce the original film score the new Bond movie, the title was revealed, with a high amount of certainty, to be Carte Blanche. Which means it’s quite likely it’s based off the Bond book of the same name by Jeffrey Deaver and that it would be the first 007 film not based off a novel by franchise creator Ian Fleming.

The article also revealed some of the actors who will appear in the forthcoming movie. In addition to (obviously) Daniel Craig, Carte Blanche will feature Javier Bardem and Ralph Fiennes in starring roles.

The plot of the novel Carte Blanche roughly concerns James Bond’s recruitment to a new independent organization and his assignment to investigate an alleged planned post-9/11 attack that could be catastrophic. The film is due for a release in November 2012.

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