Watch Bradford Cox, Black Lips Pay Tribute to The Ramones

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Watch Bradford Cox, Black Lips Pay Tribute to The Ramones

Conley, Ga., isn’t exactly an area that’s known for being a music hotspot, but it would seem Atlanta natives Black Lips want to change that rep. The Lips chose their show at Southern Comfort Lounge in the inconspicuous Clayton County town to treat fans to a welcome surprise.

Bradford Cox, frontman for Deerhunter and Atlas Sound, got up on stage with the punk quartet dressed as a spitting image of Joey Ramone, complete with long, stringy black wig, “attitude” shades and leather jacket. Cox had alluded to a special appearance when he took over the Black LipsTwitter account over the weekend, vaguely suggesting a “ghost” would be performing at some point during the band’s show.

Cox performed only one song with Black Lips that night: a tremendously faithful cover of The Ramones’ raucous “Do You Wanna Dance,” itself a cover of Bobby Freeman’s original, classic rock ‘n’ roll version from 1958. We think Cox’s off-the-cuff impersonation did Ramone justice, but view the video below to decide for yourself: