"Cassette Tape" Cut From Oxford English Dictionary

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All of you cassette tape revivalists are in for some bad news: The Oxford English Dictionary is getting rid of the term altogether. Time reports that for a new edition, the dictionary is cutting the beloved term along with words like “brabble” and “growlery.”

The decision isn’t exactly controversial, but it does have some pretty upset. Take for example Bucks Burnett, a music historian who owns the Eight Track Museum, who had a bone to pick with the dictionary company. Burnett told The Huffington Post:

“I’m going to ban the Oxford Dictionary from the museum. I have a copy and I’m going to recycle it,” Burnett said. “This decision to remove the word was made inside a Starbucks by 20-something editors on their lunch break.”

Time points out that while words like “brabble” aren’t really used anymore, cassette tapes aren’t necessarily ancient — especially because the things are still being manufactured.

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