Comedian Patrice O'Neal Hospitalized After Suffering Stroke

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Comedian Patrice O'Neal Hospitalized After Suffering Stroke

Comedian Patrice O’Neal is currently hospitalized after suffering a stroke last week. His friends and family made an announcement on the Opie and Anthony radio show earlier this morning. Jim Norton, friend and co-host of the radio show where O’Neal frequently collaborates, made the announcement before fellow comedians added to the serious news.

He started by telling the radio audience, “We’re all here to let people know that one of our really, really good friends fell ill, fell sick. Patrice O’Neal had a stroke.”

The news has been kept under wraps over the past handful of days at his family’s request and even the comedians on the show were unable to give information on O’Neal’s condition. Norton went on to explain, “We don’t know how he is. It’s too soon to tell. Anybody who knows about strokes, it takes a while sometimes, we just don’t know. We don’t know how he is going to be.”

An email account has been set up for fans to send him a direct message at

You can listen to the full Opie and Anthony announcement below.