Danger Mouse's Movie-Inspired Album Spawns New Film

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Danger Mouse's Movie-Inspired Album Spawns New Film

Earlier this year, Danger Mouse released his album Rome—with Italian composer Daniele Luppi and help from Jack White and Norah Jones—that was an homage to spaghetti Westerns of the past. The group even reunited the Cantori Moderni choir from The Good, The Bad And The Ugly for the project. Well, now the album that was inspired by films is inspiring a film of its own.

The film, The Reapers Are the Angels is actually based on the book of the same name as well as the Danger Mouse album. The album and the book will work together as inspiration for the film.

The film will be directed by Chris Milk, who directed last year’s groundbreaking “We Used To Wait” video for Arcade Fire. Milk has also worked previously with Danger Mouse on Gnarls Barkley’s video for “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?”.