Die Hard 5 Plot, Details Revealed

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<i>Die Hard 5</i> Plot, Details Revealed

Die Hard, Die Harder, Die Hard With a Vengeance , Live Free or Die Hard and now on Feb. 14, 2013: A Good Day To Die Hard.

That’s right. The phrase “die hard” was worked into yet another title, and you and your significant other can spend Valentine’s Day cuddling while you watch Bruce Willis save the world for the umpteenth time. This time we’ll find Bruce as John McClane abroad in Russia on a mission to rescue his missing son John Jr. before getting swept away in a fight against world domination.

Die Hard 5 will begin filming in January of next year, as John Moore will be the fourth director of the franchise. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who played McClane’s daughter in the previous film is not expected to return in the film. The role of Jr. has yet to be cast, but we hear Shia LaBeouf is itching to play another son of a badass. We kid.