Garbage Working on New Album

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Garbage is back, has an album ready to be released next spring and as Rolling Stone reports, done with working “with people who suck,” drummer and producer Butch Vig said.

The article says that the band, which hasn’t released an album since 2005’s Bleed Like Me, struggled with major-label problems. Once they were out of the industry, they felt no pressure to start writing again.

“We got dumped on a label who did not give one flying fuck about us,” frontwoman Shirley Manson told the magazine. “And it just became a very joyless process. Something that should be really incredible, exciting and adventurous became like a noose around our neck. And we sort of turned in on each other as a result, I think.”

The band expects the still-untitled album to be released in March or April next year. You can see the full Rolling Stone article here.

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