iTunes Creator Could Be Developing Apple HDTV

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iTunes Creator Could Be Developing Apple HDTV

The legendary idea of a full-on Apple TV has always been brewing in the rumor mill, but now sources are saying that the engineer behind iTunes is currently heading up work on the Apple HDTV. According to Bloomberg, Jeff Robin, who also worked on the development of the iPod itself, could be overseeing the fruition of all the fanboys’ dream console.

Different from the Apple TV set-top box which came out in 2007 and then in 2010 (see picture to right), the HDTV would be a fully functional television set and operating system with hardware and software built ground up by Apple. Furthermore, in the recent biography by Walter Isaacson (former CEO of Apple), Steve Jobs stated that “It will have the simplest user interface you could imagine” that could use wireless iCloud syncing and Siri voice-command technologies to make it the newest platform for Apple to reinvent.

However, Apple has still not officially confirmed that the TV is in development or will be released.