Lana Del Rey Wins Q Award, Says Album Due Out January

Music News Lana Del Rey
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You know you’re the next big thing when you receive a “next big thing” award before even releasing your first album. Among big-name indie stars like Bon Iver and WU LYF picking up annual Q awards for Best Album and Best New Act, hit internet sensation Lana Del Rey (aka Lizzy Grant) snatched the award for Next Big Thing. Considering the amount of internet clatter going on over just two YouTube videos, we’d say she probably deserves that award.

Furthermore, today an interview with Q went online that features Lana Del Rey talking about her upcoming album. Most importantly, she says her new album is currently “half done” and is “supposed to be out in January.” Check out the interview below:

Del Rey also recently released a video that is entitled “Live at the Premises” (whatever that means) of her song “Video Games.” Although we agree she needs to get some new songs out, this one is still great.

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