Lou Reed/Metallica Unveil Second Lulu Trailer with Promise of Sex, Violence, More

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Lou Reed/Metallica Unveil Second <i>Lulu</i> Trailer with Promise of Sex, Violence, More

Lou Reed and Metallica, easily the most unlikely fusion of talents to emerge so far this year, continue to move forward with their upcoming collaboration Lulu.

This week, “Loutallica” posted a second trailer for the album, highlighting its inspiration and themes over the course of one minute and 37 seconds as first single “The View” pummels away in the background.

The trailer says its concept is inspired by the “epic plays of Frank Wedekind,” a German playwright who often criticized bourgeois values. The album title is derived from the opera Lulu, based on Wedekind’s plays Erdgeist and Die Büchse der Pandora, in which the titular character is a mistreated dancer with a rough life. It seems Lulu the album will touch on a massive amount of themes, mostly dark (murder, violence, greed, pain, madness, etc.) but with a touch of brightness (love, hope, rapture, desire).

Lulu will be drop on Halloween throughout most of the world, with the official U.S. release occurring the following day.

Watch the trailer below: