Magnapop Reunites Original Lineup For Criminal Records Benefit

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Atlanta natives Magnapop have announced that they will be reuniting their original lineup (including Shannon Mulvaney on bass and David McNair on drums) for a Criminal Records benefit concert. Along with many bands who’ve announced support for the record store, Magnapop will be playing their own benefit show on Oct. 15. In addition, the band announced that they would be performing their original self-titled debut album (or the “Halloween album”) front-to-back. When we got to have a word with them, the group seemed excited to give back to the record store and the early fans who supported them.

According to Mulvaney:

“The inspiration behind bringing back the original lineup was that back around when our first record and singles came out, Criminal carried them. It was a big deal for us being a local band at the time to see the posters up and to tell your friends you could buy the record at Criminal. The idea behind the show was to try and create a bill that might have happened back in 1991 back around when our record came out.”

The band has been through a variety of lineup changes and haven’t played some of their older material in quite some time, so for fans, the concert is a must. Mulvaney also said they would be playing additional songs from the time including songs from their second album, Hot Boxing.

When asked if they would be responding to recent news by covering their longtime supporters and producers, R.E.M., Mulvaney said, “It’s always possible.”

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