Morrissey Libel Trial Moves Forward

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Morrissey Libel Trial Moves Forward

As the BBC reports, Morrissey, the former frontman for The Smiths, will go forward to sue the music magazine NME over an article that was published in 2007. The article, which Morrissey said took his quotes out of context, focused on the singer’s views on immigration.

This takes place after the NME attempted to have the singer’s claim removed due to a lack of proceedings, but Justice Tugendhat, the judge overseeing the trial, said that Morrissey had a credible explanation for his delay. Morrissey’s lawyers said the main reason for his delay in action was because of his former manager’s lack of assistance.

“The imputation complained of in this action is a very serious one, the extent of publication was very wide,” Tugendhat told the BBC about the trial.

“Mr. Morrissey remains a prominent figure in the world of music, and NME is a magazine which enjoys an important place in that world.”