Noel Gallagher Not Interested in 2015 Oasis Reunion

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Noel Gallagher Not Interested in 2015 Oasis Reunion

In the wake of Oasis’ breakup in 2009, brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher have continued to squabble in the press over the relative quality of each another’s new projects, the real reasons their former band dissolved, and its future.

Two months ago, Noel mentioned he wished Oasis would have toured to pay tribute to their multi-platinum 1995 classic What’s the Story (Morning Glory)? before breaking up. Just three days ago, Liam stated he would be content to bury the hatchet with Noel and reunite Oasis in 2015 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of What’s the Story — but now Noel is rejecting the idea entirely.

He was quoted by BBC as saying:

Thus, the true future of Oasis remains up the air, but Noel’s recent statement makes a reunion seem much less likely.