Pinback Documentary Gets Kickstarter Campaign

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Pinback Documentary Gets Kickstarter Campaign

Brooklyn Vegan reports that John David Schardt, a filmmaker from Los Angeles has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund a documentary about Pinback, the San Diego band fronted by Rob Crow and Armistead Burwell Smith IV.

Pinback have been touring behind Autumn of the Seraphs since 2007 and released a single called Information Retrieved Pt. A this year.

The statement online says the band has given Schardt access to join them on tour. You can check out the campaign here. Here’s what Schardt had to say about the documentary:

It’s been a long time coming. Pinback deserves a documentary about them. 

They’ve been carving their way through the indie rock scene over the last decade. This ultimately private, unconventional, yet fan friendly bandhas definitely made their mark on the music industry and more importantly their fans.

I have been granted access to join them and step behind the scenes where no one else has quite gone before. This was an idea that had always been floating about but never really picked up any steam. I asked Rob Crow, who’s a good friend of mine, about why there hasn’t been one… the band is humble and, well… private… they’re not a typical touring band… they’re not really atypical band at all… but I think that’s what’s so appealing about them. So, as it goes, I am independently embarking on this journey, albeit with Pinback’s blessing. I am doing it as a labor of love for the band and the acknowledgement that so many out there would love to see more about this amazing group. 

Soon they’re heading to Europe and while I have most of the costs covered thus far, I need a bit more help to make sure this part of journey goes off as planned. 

I have already joined them on other legs of their most recent past tours. Slowly, I am adding up footage. I am also in the process of shooting as many interviews with the eclectic group of people who were past touring band members who are now strewn across the country. 

Please, help support this amazing this amazing project. _