The Black Keys Announce New Album

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The Black Keys Announce New Album

After promising new material before the close of 2011, The Black Keys have announced the arrival of their seventh full-length album, El Camino, due for release Dec. 6.

They’ve chosen to unveil the news, however, in an unexpected fashion: via a humorous mock-car-commercial trailer starring the one and only Bob Odenkirk — aka Breaking Bad’s “criminal” lawyer Saul Goodman.

In the video, Odenkirk engages in a hilarious montage of failed takes for an advertisement trying to sell (surprise!) an El Camino car, essentially hamming up his sleazy Breaking Bad persona to maximum effect. (And the car driver looks curiously like the guy who plays Badger.)

What’s more, a related link to a site called WannaBuyAVan also surfaced, complete with a detailed description of the battered El Camino and a phone number where you can apparently contact Black Keys members Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney. According to Rock It Out! Blog, this number really does lead to a personalized voice message from Carney pertaining to the van.

Watch the trailer below: