Watch Modeselektor's New Video Featuring Thom Yorke

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Watch Modeselektor's New Video Featuring Thom Yorke

Over the weekend, NPR unveiled a new music video by Germany’s Modeselektor for their song “Shipwreck,” one of the singles from the new album Monkeytown and one of the album’s two tracks to feature Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke as a guest vocalist.

“Shipwreck” contains a haunting atmosphere atop nervous, glitchy electronic beats, and its video is a perfect fit for Halloween: It’s an apocalyptic, zombie-filled thriller shown from the perspective of a little kid who’s desperate to stay alive and in the protection of light as he flees from ravenous, bloodthirsty zombie humans as well as a zombie dog.

The video was directed by Tony T. Datis, who remarked he drew its inspiration from the sound of Yorke’s emotive vocal delivery, commenting his English wasn’t good enough to understand Yorke’s lyrics. (Little does he know that the man’s lyrics are near impossible to understand for those fluent in English.)

Watch the full video for “Shipwreck” below: