Watch the Video for Duck Sauce's "Big Bad Wolf"

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Watch the Video for Duck Sauce's "Big Bad Wolf"

The American-Canadian house DJ duo Duck Sauce (Armand Van Helden and A-Trak), best known for their summer 2010 track “Barbra Streisand,” have released their latest music video for their new single “Big Bad Wolf.” The incredibly strange and mildly disturbing (out of sheer awkwardness) video was directed by Keith Schofield. The video features two service industry dudes who happen to each have one of the DJ’s heads as their genitalia, and their adventure to meet ladies on a night out.

From an MTV interview with the director, “We shot the whole video with Armand and A-Trak basically with their heads between the legs of these actors, and they were wearing these kind of green-screen bodysuits, so in post, we just removed their bodies.”

He initially tried to dissuade the duo from acting in the video. “I mean, a couple days before we were about to shoot, I was telling them, ‘You know, we can cast other guys for the roles.’ I was trying to discourage them, like, ‘It’s not going to be fun. It’s going to be two full days of you sitting on your knees, having a guy straddle you.’”

Check out the video below.