Atlanta's Criminal Records Avoids Closure

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Atlanta's Criminal Records Avoids Closure

In September, Atlanta’s Criminal Records owner Eric Levin, a co-creator of Record Store Day, said that the store was expected to close as soon as this month if something drastic didn’t happen. November is here, and we’re glad to report that Criminal Records has avoided an expected closure.

CMJ reported today that the 20-year-old store, located in Atlanta’s Little Five Points, raised enough money to stay open through donations and a fundraising event.

The article said that the biggest contribution to the cause was a fundraiser put on by Orange Amplifiers that featured Patterson Hood of the Drive-By Truckers, Kelly Hogan and Magnapop. Paste was the official press sponsor of the event.

“I learned that Atlanta cared,” Levin said in the CMJ article. “I really just thought I was going to have a going-out-of-business sale and, y’know, some nice remembrances and some goodbyes.”

But the store isn’t totally out of the clear yet, as Levin tells CMJ. Instead, the store owner believes that there’s enough local interest to keep the store going.

“We’ve come nowhere close to raising the necessary money,” Levin told CMJ. “The enthusiasm for our survival and the ownership that Atlanta has taken in the process has been inspiring.”

The article also states that Criminal will restructure in a few different ways, which means things like in-store appearances, comic books, toys and candy will probably be cut from the store.

You can see the store’s Save Criminal Records Facebook page here.