Big Boi Praises Kate Bush, Talks Recording Details

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Big Boi Praises Kate Bush, Talks Recording Details

Big Boi  hasn’t tried to hide his admiration for Kate Bush. In fact, his love for the songwriter has gone back as far as middle school.

“The only collaboration that I really want on my record is with Kate Bush,” Big Boi told Rolling Stone in September. “She’s got a new album coming out in November, so I’ve got my management team and record company, I’ve got little babies and squirrels looking for her. That’s the only thing that I want to happen right now. She’s an all around artist — producer, songwriter, performer.”

And now Big Boi is following up that love with a sort-of review of Bush’s new album, 50 Words for Snow, that was featured on Rolling Stone’s website last week.

Big Boi’s favorite track on the album was “Snowed in at Wheeler Street,” which the rapper said is “like a story between her and the guy, how they were in love from the beginning of time, how they never want to let each other go. ...It just really builds. I think it’s really deep. I dig it.” 

He also describes “Snowflake” as “good ride music” to Rolling Stone.

“It was the first song I heard when I first popped in the CD. I was on the expressway and just driving in circles and listening to it, because the songs are almost 10 minutes apiece and I didn’t want to get out of the car. So I played it a couple times and just rode around.”

Whether the Atlanta-based rapper will get to work with Bush is still a mystery, but Big Boi has already worked with Little Dragon and Phantogram for his upcoming Daddy Fat Sax, and he said a collaboration with Andre 3000 is “very much possible.”