Broadcast's James Cargill Working on New Album

Album Will Feature Late Trish Keenan's Vocals

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Broadcast's James Cargill Working on New Album

As Under the Radar reports, Broadcast will carry on after vocalist Trish Keenan’s death this year. Broadcast’s James Cargill — the sole remaining member of the group, who was also romantically involved with Keenan — is working on a new album that uses Keenan’s pre-recorded vocals.

In the article, Cargill told Under the Radar: “Trish left a lot of tapes, four-tracks and stuff, and I’ve been going through those. It’s difficult, and I’m connected to it at the same time. It’s wonderful, but I’m also feeling a sense of loss.”

Cargill also said that he’s working on the soundtrack to the Peter Strickland Film Berberian Sound Studio. You can read the preview of the feature at Under the Radar.