Celebrities No Longer Exempt From Jury Duty

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Celebrities No Longer Exempt From Jury Duty

Certain celebrities have had the chance to be exempt from the drudgery of jury duty in New York for some obscure reason. At first we thought it was if they had a Verified Twitter account, but it turns out there is a law that has been around for a dozen years that helped celebrities become exempt. All they had to do was gather inside of the Manhattan Supreme Court as part of statewide Juror Appreciation Day, where they’d talk to students about the importance of serving duty.

According to The Wrap, celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Julia Stiles, America Ferrera, Kelly Ripa, Conan O’Brien, Barbara Walter, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have participated in previous years.

Now those celebrities will not be able to skip out on jury duty because of budget cuts. The 2011 event has been canceled, but those who participated last year still have a two-year exemption.