Google to Unveil Music Store with Mr. Brainwash?

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Google to Unveil Music Store with Mr. Brainwash?

Always seeking to be one step ahead of their rivals over at Cupertino, Google is set to release their next smartphone, The Galaxy Nexus, to compete with the new iPhone 4S. While most people are anticipating the new operating system’s face recognition, according to a report from The Verge, Google is also getting ready to launch their new music store as well.

One blurry screenshot reveals that Google will be most likely going the way of iTunes as a place where both apps and music can be bought. Also similar to iTunes, the song prices look to also be either 99 cents or $1.29. Although all other details are scarce, perhaps the most interesting thing revealed in the snapshot is the possibility of a “Free Song of the Day” service built into the program. But the way the secretive company is set to unveil the music store is as mysterious as the application itself.

The company sent a mysterious invite to tech publications on Nov. 11 for an event that will take place on Wednesday. Although the media wasn’t told what exactly the event was about, Mashable reported that the event will be held at Mr. Brainwash’s gallery—yeah, that’s the same dude from Exit Through the Gift Shop.

Other clues about the event include the title (“These go up to eleven”), a livestream at the Android YouTube Channel and the RSVP link for the event, which includes “Music 2011” in its URL. You can read the full article at Mashable.