Guy Pearce, Ben Foster Cast In Steve Buscemi’s Queer Adaptation

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Guy Pearce, Ben Foster Cast In Steve Buscemi&#8217;s <i>Queer</i> Adaptation

Early last year it was announced that Steve Buscemi would be directing the film adaptation of William S. Burroughs’ novel Queer. Now the cast has been announced and will feature Guy Pearce, Ben Foster and Kelly MacDonald.

Buscemi will be directing the script from Oren Moverman, who directed Buscemi in his films The Messenger and Rampart. Foster also worked with Moverman in both films, and Buscemi works with MacDonald on the HBO series Boardwalk Empire.

Moverman has said that hopefully they will start filming Queer once Busemi is in hiatus after the next season of Boardwalk Empire is over.

Queer is the story of Lee, who lives in Mexico with his drunkard wife and their two kids in the 1950s and tries to find men to have sexual encounters with. The novel was released 30 years after Burroughs originally wrote it and was semi-autobiographical.