Hear a New Jónsi Track from the We Bought A Zoo Soundtrack

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Jónsi and Cameron Crowe teaming up pretty much makes perfect sense. Crowe has used music in his films like Say Anything and Almost Famous to craft his cinematic worlds, while Jónsi’s work with Sigur Ros is probably some of the most cinematic music imaginable. So for Crowe’s newest film We Bought a Zoo, not only did he play Jónsi music for his cast, but also got the musician to create the score for his first fiction film since 2005.

Jónsi wrote two new songs for We Brought a Zoo, including one he collaborated with Crowe on, titled “Gathering Stories”. The song is now streaming on NPR.

The We Bought a Zoo soundtrack will be coming out on Dec. 13 while the film comes to theaters on Dec. 23.

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