Marvel to Bring Entire Line to Day-and-Date Digital

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Marvel to Bring Entire Line to Day-and-Date Digital

Marvel has finally announced that their entire comic line will be available for day-and-date digital release. What this means is that new issues will be released both in paper and digital forms on the same day through their mobile app. According to Gizmodo, almost all of Marvel’s comics will be available in a digital form by next March. Rather than coming out all once, the releases will be staggered to match story arcs and individual releases.

Marvel has fallen behind other publishers like DC, Vertigo, and Image Comics who having already brought their entire catalogues to the digital world. Marvel is trying the new tactic with their “Avenging Spiderman” series, similar to the way many new vinyl records are released these days with an MP3 download code. By giving download codes to their mobile app with each physical copy purchase, they are seeking to simultaneously expand their market and keep local comic stores alive.