Massive Fugazi Digital Archive Expected to Launch This Week

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Massive Fugazi Digital Archive Expected to Launch This Week

As Pitchfork points out, Fugazi will go live with a website later this week. The site will eventually make over 800 Fugazi concerts available to you, which should be worth the asking price for the band’s stage banter alone. The initial round of concerts will be released on Dec. 1, and content will be posted regularly after the initial launch.

Shows from all 50 states will be on the site, and archive lists will also include photos and flyers for the shows when available. The suggested price per show will be $5, but it is available for fans to set their own price. An “all access” pass will be available for $500, which averages out to about 63 cents per show. Visitors are also welcome to add shows and photos to the collection. Shows are also rated by band members on sound quality, ranging from “poor good” to “excellent.”

The site is currently in a beta testing phase, with the most-downloaded concert being in 1990 in Bremen, Germany. You can take a look at the beta site here.