Sylvester Stallone Launching Rocky: The Musical

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Back in June, we reported on an upcoming Rocky musical that was in development. It seems that particular vision fell through, but the project was recently picked back up with assistance from brothers, Ph.D. holders and heavyweight boxing champions Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko.

Today, the Klitschko brothers held a joint announcement with Sylvester Stallone in Germany (where the brothers reside), announcing that the musical will debut in German in Hamburg in November of 2012. The brothers are co-producing and will also train the actor selected for the lead. If successful, Stallone plans to take an English version to stages around the world.

Stallone has stated that he wants to focus on the romantic aspect of Rocky. “At the end of the day, Rocky is a love story and he could never have reached the final bell without Adrian. To see this story coming to life on a musical stage makes me proud. And it would make Rocky proud.”

The musical will of course feature “Eye of the Tiger,” as if anyone had to ask.

[via THR

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