Watch A Clip of My Morning Jacket's Vampire Diaries Appearance

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Watch A Clip of My Morning Jacket's <i>Vampire Diaries</i> Appearance

“How did he plan a better party than me so fast?” The Vampire Diaries’ Caroline Forbes said on this week’s episode, “Homecoming.” “Is that a band outside?”

Yes, Caroline, it is—and they’re actually kind of big. As previously reported, My Morning Jacket played on The Vampire Diaries at an exclusive house party. And now you can watch an exclusive clip via Rolling Stone below. They ended up playing the Circuital track “You Wanna Freak Out,” and the show also featured “Holdin’ on to Black Metal” and “First Light.”

MMJ frontman Jim James told Rolling Stone this about the whole experience:

“All of the vampires and werewolves we met on the set of The Vampire Diaries were nice regular folks just like most of us—good upstanding citizens, but forced to live with this secret tragic double-life dilemma. They treated us most fairly and with dignity and respect as they sucked our bodily fluids dry and smothered us in sexy kisses. God bless them. God bless them all.”