Best Coast Replaces Drummer Ali Koehler

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Best Coast Replaces Drummer Ali Koehler

Drummer Ali Koehler, formerly of the Vivian Girls, is now formerly of Best Coast as well. Koehler was fired from the band, announcing in a tweet that “Cat’s outta the bag, I’m not in Best Coast anymore.”, followed by a “Not my choice, sorry if you’re disappointed.” As to why she was let go, no official word has surfaced yet, and Koehler herself tweeted in response to fans’ questions “your guess is as good as mine.”

Koehler originally joined Vivian Girls back in the summer of 2008. She left that band last year to join Best Coast. Hipster Runoff noted earlier this week that Koehler had been replaced by what appeared to be a session musician at a San Francisco show earlier this week. As for what she plans on doing from here on out, she tweeted “Whether it’s in a basement or at an amphitheater, you will always see me playing music in some capacity. Hopefully sooner than later.”

Check out Ali Koehler’s Bandcamp page to see some of her solo work here.