Dane Cook Done With Stand-Up For Now

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Dane Cook Done With Stand-Up For Now

Dane Cook has told the Los Angeles Times that even though he hasn’t done stand-up since February and hasn’t written any material in months, that he isn’t retired.

He told the paper, “If I’m going to do stand-up again — I respect the art form so much, it’s glamorous to me — and if I partake in it again, I want to feel like I’m lending something to it.”

Cook wants to focus on acting and his next film isn’t what you might expect it to be. After a series of roles in comedies like Employee of the Month, Good Luck Chuck and My Best Friend’s Girl, the stand-up has decided to take a turn to the dark side in a gritty independent film called Answers to Nothing.

In it he plays a man unhappy with marriage, having an affair and helping his mother after her husband leaves her.

While Answers to Nothing premiered last Friday, the actor has no immediate projects on the horizon. However, he does have a developmental deal with NBC that would make him star/writer/producer of his very own sitcom.