Details of The Avalanches' Second Album Emerge

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Activity in the world of Australian electronic music artists The Avalanches has been extremely scarce throughout the past decade. Since releasing its acclaimed debut album Since I Left You, which pulled from over 3,500 vinyl samples, in 2001, the group has taken over 10 years to construct a follow-up effort.

Now at long last, The Avalanches have announced some details of their sophomore album. Today on their official Twitter page, they posted a picture of a lyric sheet with a brief caption. The lyrics, which detail acts of juvenile vandalism, are apparently from a brand new song titled “The Stepkids,” the first song that has been revealed from the new album’s sessions.

The caption goes on to explain that The Avalanches collaborated on “The Stepkids” with Jennifer Herrema, most famous for her role in RTX (hence, they refer to her here as “Jennifer RTX”). In their post, they express thanks for her involvement, calling the new track “probably the best song we ever done.”

Lastly, The Avalanches dropped a clue as to what the new album would be titled. Though no name was officially declared, it seems to be down to three options: On a Saturday, Friday Night Fever, or Hi!.

Only time will tell when “The Stepkids” will be made available for listening or what the new album’s actual title will be—and knowing The Avalanches, it could very well be a while.

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