Former Q and Not U Members Writing New Material

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Former Q and Not U Members Writing New Material

It’s been a good end of the year for fans of Washington, D.C.-based punk. First, Fugazi released a massive catalog of live shows, and now it’s been reported that a few members of fellow Dischord dance-rockers Q and Not U, which broke up in 2005, have been writing songs together.

John Davis, the drummer for the disbanded group, recently performed an acoustic show where former Q and Not U guitarist Christopher Richards sat in for a few songs. Richards also plays under the name Ris Paul Ric.

But as the Washington City Paper reported, this wasn’t just a one-off appearance, with Davis telling the audience at the show that the duo had written some songs together. Davis later confirmed with the City Paper that the duo had been working on songs for about a year, and hoped “to keep working on songs and, hopefully, playing more shows.”

The paper reported that the two performed together last at a one-off Davis performance last year. Davis has also performed in the Saddle Creek band Title Tracks.