HBO Cancels Bored to Death, Hung, How to Make It In America

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To make way for a new group of upcoming comedies, HBO has canceled three of its series: Bored to Death, Hung and How to Make It In America.

Bored to Death and Hung, which were both in their third seasons, and How to Make It In America, which was in its second, were all receiving a significantly lower percentage of viewers in their current seasons than in prior seasons. Surprisingly, the new HBO series Enlightened, which received a smaller viewership than any of the three canceled shows, was renewed for a second season.

HBO  has many new series on the way, in addition to new seasons of True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones and Treme. HBO will debut Luck, Girls, Life’s Too Short, Angry Boys and Veep in the near future, as well as potential new series like 40, starring Ed Burns and Viagra Diaries, with Goldie Hawn in the lead.

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