Janelle Monae Plans Two Albums for 2012

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Janelle Monae Plans Two Albums for 2012

In a recent interview with a local blog Back To Rockville, Janelle Monae let it out that she’s planning not one but two new studio album releases for 2012.

When asked about possible release dates, she had the following to say:

“I will release them according to my soul clock; so I reserve the right to change that. But I will try to stick to the scheduled release dates, which I know but can’t say. I will be thinking about Kansas City and all the people here who have supported me as I continue to write songs that empower, encourage and make you dance.”

Monae also mentioned that the writing on the album was “84.799” percent complete and that she would be touring with some big bands next year that would get announced next week. Lastly, a couple weeks ago, Monae mentioned in an interview with Forbes that she has a total of six projects in the works, one being an ArchAndroid-inspired film. If it was anyone else, we’d start to worry, but if there’s anyone that can handle that much creativity all in one year, it’s definitely Janelle Monae.