Jesse Eisenberg Sues Lionsgate for Using His Face on Cover of Low-Budget Horror Flick

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A couple years before Jesse Eisenberg hit his commercial watershed moment as the star of The Social Network and Zombieland, he was starring in smaller indie films like The Squid and the Whale and not above making a brief cameo in the completely forgotten low-budget horror movie Camp Hell as a favor to some friends involved in its production.

Now Camp Hell’s distribution company Lionsgate has made the bold move of plastering Eisenberg’s face on the cover of its DVDs in order to boost sales, despite the fact that Eisenberg appears in the movie for less than five minutes. Consequently, Eisenberg is seeking legal action against the company for overstating his involvement in the project.

We haven’t actually seen Camp Hell, but from our understanding it’s about a Bible camp whose campers are overtaken and possessed by demons, and Eisenberg’s part in the film is insignificant. As a result, Eisenberg and his lawyers are seeking compensation of $3 million for exploiting his performance — a lump sum roughly equal to Camp Hell’s entire budget.

Watch the trailer for Camp Hell below:

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