Lars von Trier To Make Third Film With Charlotte Gainsbourg

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It seems like making one film with Lars von Trier would be more than enough. Just ask Bjork, who swore to never make another film with him after Dancer in the Dark and the horrible experience she had. Two films may seem overboard, but Charlotte Gainsbourg has decided she will be doing a third movie with von Trier, and it may be even more shocking than her role in Antichrist.

The film, called Nymphomaniac, will show a woman’s sexual development from the ages of zero to 50 and will be told in eight chapters. Von Trier also plans to have two versions of the film, a softcore version for distribution to theaters and a hardcore version, because as he recently told Entertainment Weekly, “I can’t make a film about the sexual evolution of a woman without showing penetration.”

Von Trier is writing the film now and may shoot the film as early as this coming summer. He also has stated that two other actors he has worked with previously, Stellan Skarsgard and Willem Dafoe may also be involved in the project.

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