New Elliott Smith Doc Needs Funding, Has Trailer

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As RawkBlog reports, there’s another Elliott Smith documentary in the works. The documentary is titled Heaven Adores You and it takes a look at Smith’s influence on Portland, Ore., a town he lived and released records in for many years. This isn’t to be confused with another Smith doc, titled Searching for Elliott Smith, which had a very limited release in 2009.

The documentary is in need of funding and has a Kickstarter campaign running here. The campaign has already passed its goal of $12,500. You can see a trailer for the documentary below.

“I was living in Portland, Ore., between the years of 1994-1999,” director Nickolas Rossi wrote on the Kickstarter website. “I fondly remember discovering Elliott’s music and it’s always been the soundtrack to my time in the Pacific Northwest. After his tragic death in Los Angeles in 2003, I found myself at the Solution’s Wall in Silverlake, where a makeshift memorial was created. As a fan and a filmmaker, I recorded footage of the memorial and posted my video to YouTube. To this day I receive comments on the video from fans all over the world expressing their love for Elliott and their thanks for making a tribute video for him. To date the video has attracted nearly 750,000 views. There is a strong fan base for Elliott’s music, even eight years after his death. His music is also being discovered by fans who haven’t heard of him until now.”

Smith’s also got an unreleased track that’s been making its way around the internet. It’s titled “Misery Let Me Down,” and you can download it at WMUC’s Tumblr.

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