OnLive Cloud Gaming App Goes Mobile Tomorrow

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OnLive Cloud Gaming App Goes Mobile Tomorrow

OnLive, the revolutionary cloud gaming program, will launch its mobile apps for iOS and Android devices tomorrow, and early tests are already looking good. The apps will allow users to purchase and play any of the program’s large database of AAA console and PC titles from anywhere with a good internet connection (WiFi or 3G will work) on their tablets or mobile devices.

Some of these games’ controls have already been translated into the world of touch control—most notably, L.A. Noire and Split/Second—while others are still waiting on getting the touch control treatment. In the meantime, OnLive is selling a universal control for $49.99 that will work for every game.

How well does it work? So far, it seems like a fairly good internet connection is necessary to get the most out of the service, but otherwise this is the real deal. It might take a little while to take off, but the future of gaming seems to have arrived.

Still skeptical? The guys over at The Verge did a test run with app that you can check out below: