Ramones Memorabilia Goes Up For Auction

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Ramones Memorabilia Goes Up For Auction

Do you remember last year when Eric Clapton auctioned off his personal collection of guitars and amps?

What about when John Lennon’s tooth created web hysteria?

This is something of a novelty now, in which revenue is easily generated for specific non-profits and organizations by the auctioning of band memorabilia. It benefits both sides really, making one fan/collector going home with an authentic, one of a kind gem.

A noteworthy upcoming auction based out of Amherst N.H, Marvels of Modern Music RR Auction, will feature Marky (Mark Steven Bell) Ramone’s owned and stage-worn leather jacket.

Recognizable as an iconic part of The Ramones’ image, the leather jacket worn by the drummer was used on stage between 1978 and 1983.

The jacket itself features two US pins on the lapels, a single star pin to each shoulder, zip-up cuffs, a buckle at the waist and is signed in gold ink on the back “Marky Ramone.”

Johnny Ramone’s concert-played Mosrite guitar from The Ramones’ final show in 1996 is up for acution as well as extremely rare 1964 Beatles Bobb’n Head prototypes and Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious’ checks, which contain his last signature.

The auction will feature over 700 items from the most prolific rock ‘n’ roll icons of our time. These items, among other treasures, will be available for bidding until Jan. 26.

For further updates, check out the website here.